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Calix UK

Calix Lighting is a British design brand with an innovative approach to lighting and LED technology. Calix has been creating decorative lighting for residential and commercial customers that features innovative products with astounding variety. The contemporary lighting designs that come from Calix are conceptual, more about eliciting an emotional response than simply providing illumination. Click here to view site

Major Brands


Fumagalli family decides to turn the individual company into a limited company, going on with the manufacturing of "composite material" outdoor lighting fixtures. Click here to view site


Grupo SCREENLUZ, S.L. was founded in year 2000, it is operating in the lighting sector, renewing every year the best service for our customers, high quality and advanced technology lighting fittings due to the fast development of the new lighting sources. Click here to view site


Lighting systems from Philips help people feel comfortable, productive, and safe. They beautify spaces and transform environments. Click here to view site


OSRAM is one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers and has a history dating back more than 100 years. Click here to view site


GE was born from the invention of the world's first affordable incandescent lamp. More than a century later, our Lighting business still brings light to the world. Click here to view site


LEDVANCE offers a wide range of innovative SYLVANIA products for a variety of technologies and applications. Click here to view site


Our history can be seen as a continuous journey, from a bright idea to a finished product, always looking ahead to the future. Click here to view site Floodlights | Linear Lights | Weatherproof Fittings | Industrial Lighting